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Slocan Valley Felts!!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Yesterday was a wonderful,wet snow day in the Slocan Valley. Though it is only an hours drive from Nelsontowne, I seem to rarely make the journey these days and it seems a world away! I was so happy to finally make it out to the Slocan Valley Threadsguild to teach a Needle felting Class!!

Its a really great little space. I just Love the enthusiasm that seems to naturally erupt from the gatherings of “fiber people”. It is so much about the sharing of skills, new ideas and inspirations.

We had a lovely group of new felters! on Saturday, and I think they all have  a healthy new addiction. Needlefelting! There was a good variety of projects completed as we explored the sculptural possibilities of unspun wool combined with felting needles. We used merino wool batting and rovings from Maplerose and got creative!

Every student made something beautiful and full of its own character. I always love to see what will take shape!!

Thankyou to all that participated!! To the RDCK for organizing and Slocan Valley Threadsguild for hosting!! See you next time :)

New Creation

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Hello Deers! So nice to have you check in…♥

Taking some time out from frolicking with my newly created nesting-love gnomes in the forest…

I am just a wee-one in the land of blogging, and I am exploring the possibilities of these sharings. Just now, I am noticing how this process mirrors  the discoveries I have made recently in the large realms of my creative process in general.

I have so many ideas, all the time! just pouring through me (thank creation for this in Allways!!), and for the past year or so I have experimented in ways to harness this gift, and deal with some of the anxiety that comes with it for me. How can I ever get all of this done? what if I forget about this brilliant idea? where does the energy come from to complete all the tasks I want to complete? and on and on…

Well I have finally been able to hone in on and solidify my present creative process in this way:

1. Trust in All that is, that whatever needs to be on my path in order for me to serve the highest good can only ever be there. And if by chance, or egoic stubbornness I miss it the first time, I trust that it will return again and again until I realize and integrate it into my life purpose. This frees me up and allows me to stay attuned to the Flow.

2. Whatever is most alive for me in this moment, I choose that. If, on a busy day when my to-do list is long with money-making projects or other ‘shoulds’, and all that surfaces in my thoughts is the great desire to sew a little bird out of some inspiring fabric in my scrap stash. Well, if I make the bird I am happy and can smoothly carry on with my list. This keeps me in the Flow. Through this practice I can honor the great gifts that the universe provides me with.

3.Write it all down baby. I have a number of blank books on the go at any given time. This really helps me to let go in my mind, and I love having a well-spring of ideas I can access at any time. And sometimes, when an idea gets away, I just accept it and move on. There is more to come . I love this.

I also use collage as a tool to set intentions in a more right brain style. Here is my latest, 2-sided standing collage. Sooooo satisfying!!

And, as promised, here is the finished New Years day cowl. I love it!!

And i Love yooos! Thanks so much for being here! I also love hearing from you!

♥Until next time♥