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Delicious, Just Delicious.

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Bursting from the ends of every greening branch in Nelson, buds are emerging in so many ways. They expand, push, extrude out of their casings, peeling back, fanning open, spreading and accordioning their vibrant pleated wings of leaf which shine like a tear streaked cheek. New, clean, vibrantly alive.

goldenbuds(wisteria buds with an exquisite, dense, gold casing)

The Royalty of Flowers unfurl their tender petals, in perfect geometry and sublime symmetry. Their heady, pleasant-delerium inducing aromas, enliven the senses and evoke feelings of past springs, past openings, with new growth and multi-sensory beauty beyond language, courting the humans who pass by their trees and who have their noses to the air, smelling this wild, wildness of spring.

mapleflowers(brave bundles of mapleflowers, emerging tenderly even before the leaves)

Each day after day, more flowers appear and gift us with step-stopping runaway fragrances, luring us to follow into the clouds of scented moments which surround and cuddle us into an ecstatic, grinning trance.

appleyapplefaery(besparkled apple star-flowers dance their fragrance to life)

So it begins, this springly parade of flower friends, delight to be found around every corner, coming up through cracks in the sidewalks, hidden in alleyways, and with proud displays of the ever present generosity of the flowers’ own noble magnificence.

thegivingviolet(the giving violet, its’ powdery sweet-soft smell dizzying)

voilets three(they nest and huddle close to the earth, but open, shooting to the sky their small beauty)

Sending you these swirls of scented goodness

(full breaths of this perfumed food called air)



Savoring the Presence

Friday, January 20th, 2012

The sun’s rays pierce the air and reach my skin, hot. The breeze follows and tickles my flesh lightly, bringing feeling awareness to my senses, awakening appreciation and painting a smile on my face.

Spaciousness and presence in always-abundance. Waves lap the shore, coming again and again, and again. The ocean giving and giving, never stopping its gifting of wave after new wave.

Newness prevails and there is a freshness in every moment. The fragrance in the air is a whole experience in itself, the prana which nourishes laced with a sweet pungence that cannot be described and is added to the inner stores of deliciousness.

The qualities of light dancing on water reveal in miriad forms the ever-offered gifts of creation, and settle as a gift in the heart center. Beauty in every form, beauty in every heart.

Peace under the sky.

Grateful ripples, and lifts Life within. Vibrancy all around, I am nourished in bodymind, spirit and soul.

tropical days

Friday, December 23rd, 2011


A little taste of life here in Costa Rica


Camino Bonita which leads to the breathtaking Venus Beach.


The tortugitas that bravely hatched from their soft shells and journeyed to the sea across an eternity of beach. Inspiring little cuties.


A little bit of paradisa!

Mountain WOW

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Recent adventure, inspiration. Seven Summits trail in the Monashees, and Old Glory mountain, wow.

Beauty in the details, the tiny…..



Space, exposure, breath…..

Love Life and Be Well!!


Monday, May 30th, 2011

Spring flowers are everywhere!! I was surprised pleasantly to discover these beauties on the beach the other day.

Ponderosa pines i do believe, 2 of them side by side. One had flowers in a deep purple, the other a rich red. WOW!

Not a usual flower with petals and stem etc., but definitely radiating like one! And the source of the young seeds….



I hope you are enjoying the bliss of spring flowers too!

Love Life and Be Well!!

spin spun

Thursday, May 26th, 2011


Love, love, love! this springtime air. A lot of the time all i want to do is sit, and breathe. Each breath is like a gulp of fresh springwater, and nourishing as any food. So rain and shine i have been able to enjoy this….

It feels like everything i make is inspired by these natural experiences.

Once again i am spinning away (yay!). When i look down at my beautiful wheel i just feel like i am time traveling. Any type of meditation is crucial these days, and the repetitive whir of the wheel and my foot on the treadle, the fibers slipping through my fingers, well it suits me just fine.

I even learned a new technique, Navaho 3 ply! Which is an amazing way to turn a single ply thread into a 3-ply yarn! ingenius!! (thanks christa)

and some results…

Looks like candy to me….YUM. Soon to be found on the shelves at Maplerose:)


Love Life!! Be Well!!





ode to tree

Thursday, May 26th, 2011


Another wander in la forêt, has once again filled me to the brim with love and gratitude for the trees. The trees that ground our consciousness and continually, peacefully, and patiently hold it down for the entire planet. Thankyou, dear trees, for providing medicine, and shade. Thankyou for your strong presence. Thankyou for letting go always at the right time. Thankyou for feeding and sheltering mosses, lichen, polypores and fungi. Thankyou for your ever-beauty.


Just a note to let y’all know that all the pictures on all my blog entries are my own:)

enjoy life today!


into may

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


Giving thanks for sky, air, water, earth


Ahhhh… the beach.  Spent a luxurious night, warm in a tent, fresh air reprieve, first camp of the year, yes!!!


Beautiful, alive, generous, reflective.

Nothing like it… glacier lily in the sun

Look closely at this next picture, that is not the sky above the trees, but the lake! This is taken from a very high vantage point over slocan lake, off a very steep cliff!! Though the sky is perfectly reflected….

beauteous kootenays!

Love Life and Be Well!


april growth

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Spring calls us to growth! The tree is my perfect inspiration for these times.


As the sweet buds start to pop and their leaves begin to unfurl, there is a continual, never stopping impulse of “moving towards”…buds and branches reach for the light, the nourishing energy that creates and sustains the trees’ own life. And the roots keep reaching down to the darker earth, into the soil and retrieve other crucial elements which contibrute to the health and survival of the tree being.

As easy as it may be to move into the pleasure and lifting buoyancy which emanates from the arising of spring and the light in the air, it is just as difficult to move towards the muck and mud and heaviness which may still reside just below the surface of this springs inspiration.


But action cures fear! And by moving towards, moving into the places which feel stuck or disfunctional, they are filled with presence and awareness, and naturally, must change.

This work is crucial and allows us to move through older layers and reach the good stuff. The spirit! the play!

May we all feel the interconnection which joins and supports all of us. May we reach for this connection, may we be nourished in this connection. Through our actions toward awareness may we stand firmly in our true place.


Be well and Love life!

Sprung Spring

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Yup, it’s here folks.  Even in moments of other weathers, cold rain that leaves the mountains top white, or sun, that in some concreted doorway feigns the heat of summer, even then, spring absolutely cannot be denied. It shows in the smooth perfect shapes that are squeezing out at the end of every branch, and the early bulbs that push their stiff green, clean and defined up through the surface of soil. Spring is growth and form. And green and life.

So quickly they show themselves, and before i know it, they are fully transformed.

Precious Snowdrops!

White tulips, a birthday gift.

I am crafting up a spring storm. I am especially excited that easter is so late this year, as it means we get to enjoy bunnies and easter eggs for much longer than usual. Workshops at maplerose have been full of bunnies and flowers. One little girl finished her amazing scene of some flowers and trees, green grass and sunshine, looked up at me and said, “I want to go right inside my picture!”, I wanted to as well!! The kids were inspired by these bunny pictures I’ve made over the past couple weeks.

I am hoping that this spring allows me some frequent blog posts, for me right now that means once a week. I do hope you will check in and share in my inspiration and creativity!!