Savoring the Presence

The sun’s rays pierce the air and reach my skin, hot. The breeze follows and tickles my flesh lightly, bringing feeling awareness to my senses, awakening appreciation and painting a smile on my face.

Spaciousness and presence in always-abundance. Waves lap the shore, coming again and again, and again. The ocean giving and giving, never stopping its gifting of wave after new wave.

Newness prevails and there is a freshness in every moment. The fragrance in the air is a whole experience in itself, the prana which nourishes laced with a sweet pungence that cannot be described and is added to the inner stores of deliciousness.

The qualities of light dancing on water reveal in miriad forms the ever-offered gifts of creation, and settle as a gift in the heart center. Beauty in every form, beauty in every heart.

Peace under the sky.

Grateful ripples, and lifts Life within. Vibrancy all around, I am nourished in bodymind, spirit and soul.

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