gone to pots


So many ways to play! Here are a few of the results of a 12 week stint of clay play…

In the wonderful studio of Christine Dell, where 2 wheels reside along with tons of tools and supplies for hand building, not to mention the expertise and guidance of a wonderful, skilled and inspired potter!


Possibilities are vast when considering form, size, texture and of course the final touch of the glaze…


Being committed to this earthy process has been a luscious indulgence! But at the same time, a valuable investment into my creative development. Yay!


I am feeling the inner transformation of inner focus of the past season into an outer expansion of curious observation and opened perception. Spring provides a natural atmosphere of play and connection! Lightheartedness!


Be Well and Love Life!!

Spring Baskets!

Easter is just around the corner…. I am always inspired by bunnies, eggs and baskets! I have special memories of easter morning and the way my mom would lay out such a beautiful surprise of a basket brimming with colorful gifts and treats. My mom also gave me the gift of crochet (by teaching me), and this year i decided to go off on crochet baskets!!

I chose mostly bulky wool yarns in bright colors! and freestyled the baskets of different sizes and shapes. I dramatically reduced my stash, which is a very good thing…

I like the idea of having a nice easter basket that comes out every year for easter celebrating. For collecting colorfully decorated eggs and other treasures. As a kid, our egg hunts were indoors since there could be any number of crazy weather happenings in Calgary in april, but now that i am a Kootenay kid, I am hoping I will be forest frollicking and perhaps filling my basket with mushrooms…

This ones’ a beauty.

I hope your spring is unfolding with inspiration and enjoyment of new life all around!

Be well and love life!!

Felting with the Wimmins

Any opportunity to gather with women, i think, is a good one. No matter how many different walks of life we may be, there is always a valuable sharing that comes out of it. So, I did not hesitate to accept the invitaion to return to the Salmo Women’s Conference to teach a felting workshop for the second year in a row. The intention of the conference is to provide local women a chance to take a day for themselves, to connect and share with others, and learn new skills, thereby increasing emotional heath and general well-being.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and if this is true, then we all went home on Saturday after a fun day, with a little more medicine in our bundles. Indeed we laughed.

I had a great time showing an enthusiastic group the basics of Nuno Felting. We spent time laying out beautiful designs with colorful merino wool onto a silk scarf, and set to work felting.

The theme for this years conference was Simplicity.

The results were, simply beautiful and each scarf was different and reflective of the maker. I think we were all nourished with this hands on creative expression. What fun we had!

So much gratitude for all the women involved, thankyou all!!

Sprung Spring

Yup, it’s here folks.  Even in moments of other weathers, cold rain that leaves the mountains top white, or sun, that in some concreted doorway feigns the heat of summer, even then, spring absolutely cannot be denied. It shows in the smooth perfect shapes that are squeezing out at the end of every branch, and the early bulbs that push their stiff green, clean and defined up through the surface of soil. Spring is growth and form. And green and life.

So quickly they show themselves, and before i know it, they are fully transformed.

Precious Snowdrops!

White tulips, a birthday gift.

I am crafting up a spring storm. I am especially excited that easter is so late this year, as it means we get to enjoy bunnies and easter eggs for much longer than usual. Workshops at maplerose have been full of bunnies and flowers. One little girl finished her amazing scene of some flowers and trees, green grass and sunshine, looked up at me and said, “I want to go right inside my picture!”, I wanted to as well!! The kids were inspired by these bunny pictures I’ve made over the past couple weeks.

I am hoping that this spring allows me some frequent blog posts, for me right now that means once a week. I do hope you will check in and share in my inspiration and creativity!!

i heart lace

It is so crucial to me as an artist and human, to play. I am realizing this more and more. I think I didn’t really play for years. Of course i enjoyed life and had fun, but i am talkin’ bout serious lose-yer-head play here my friends… And boy, is it fun!! For me it is a head/heart-space, the Play Meditation. A letting go of regular thoughts to expand into sensation, free movement and association, to let ideas and impulses flow unhindered, to drop deeply into being with Life, if even just for a moment, or five. To laugh, and breathe, and mmmmmmmm……..

When applying this meditation to my own creative development, and yes, mixing work and play (!), i am finding the results… pleasing.  Without a preconceived idea of what will happen, I dive into the realms of feeling and embody my super-hero self. An important key is to not have expectations or even a plan. It is a fine gift to oneself, to provide time and space to indulge in the freeing of the mind, of the body, of the soul, and embarking apon unknown adventures with no pressure!

After choosing colors and textures most alluring to me in the moment, i hunkered into the melding of fibers and….  the felted outcome was absolutely satisfying.Look what happened!!

It is a simple pleasure indeed, but aren’t these the best in life?


I am discovering the benefits of consciously entering these realms of play. Through setting aside actual time for this necessary indulgence, i am finding so much space and joy in allowing the unknown and unexpected to drift in to my experience. Clay class, writing sessions, dance and out-of-doors explorations are my favorites right now, but i find opening to new experiences seems to be the best way to tap this transformative mind-space.

Things i have done for the first time this week:( i mean for the first time EVER, this week)

1. made an apron(it is candy-striped with crochet lace accents!!)

2. X-country ski sesh on my own (twice!)

3 .offered a free computer to a complete stranger (he offered me free tecky-advice back!)

I would love to hear about your play time and new -doings.

Love Life! Be Well!!


Loving life my friends, loving life. There are things that contribute to my feeling of well-being, self-love, and a high vibration. Hemp milk is one of them. Here is my newest take on a daily deight. Hemp milk, with a hint of rose and banana, perfect for a Valentine treat, or anytime there is a desire for delight.

What you’ll need:

Hemp hearts, 2 heaping tbsp

Banana, 1 large, nice and ripe

unheated (enzyme intact) honey, 1 tbsp

rose water, 1 tsp

celtic sea salt, pinch

water, living, 12oz.

a blender, high speed

(i use a blendtech, it is sooooo awesome!! if your blender is a regular one, i would soak the hemp hearts a couple hours so they blend smoooooth)

sip in bliss

I will throw in one more suggestion. If you are inclined to chocolate, try this: Brew up some Sensuali Tea from Ancestar Teas, and use it as a base for the hemp milk. Use cacao instead of rose, and you will have a cinnaminny chocolate elixir, perfect for arousing expressions of love ♥♥

Be well and love life!!

i love valentines

This February, I am absolutely not holding back! For my favorite crafting time! Of the year! Valentines!!!! OOOps, didn’t mean to startle you there….  but I am bursting at the seams!! With creations of love I wish to share with you, and perhaps to inspire the uninhibited flow of love that I connect with during this time. I say scrap feb. 14 as Valentines Day. Make February the Month of Love!!!

These guys are also bursting with love. They LOVE yoooo!

There are just so many things about this time that I find just Lovely. Lace. Red Velvet. Pink Hearts!! Cinnamon, chocolate, pretty cards… The list goes on. I wonder how deeply I am imprinted with the yearly dose of chocolate and pink fluffy treats, and those sweetest little valentine cards that were slipped into my elementary-deskside envelope. Even more exciting was the giving of these two sided love notes, and I remember distinctly (and secretly) giving out some special: from your secret admirer xoxoxxxxxx’s

So here are some highlights for you. Creations spilling from my filled-up heart.

This is my latest wallhanging. It’s for sale on etsy!

Love Swans.

Well, I am over the high doses of commercial chocoate and cinnamon hearts. The hangovers are just not worth it. Not to mention the buzzing of head and ringing of ears that seems to accompany the ingestion of processed sugar. In my world, they have been replaced with Life enhancing raw chocolate and other raw delights, all the more tantalizing because of their health supporting goodness. Nothing says love like, treating yourself well!! So many others will benefit from this simple way of being. Love. Stay tuned for some recipes later this month.

I know there are some anti-valentinites out there, and i can understand why. Maybe they will be inspired to trying it out in  a new way. I love to focus on the decadence of loving oneself enough that it spills out onto all those around.

Be well and Love Life!!

Slocan Valley Felts!!

Yesterday was a wonderful,wet snow day in the Slocan Valley. Though it is only an hours drive from Nelsontowne, I seem to rarely make the journey these days and it seems a world away! I was so happy to finally make it out to the Slocan Valley Threadsguild to teach a Needle felting Class!!

Its a really great little space. I just Love the enthusiasm that seems to naturally erupt from the gatherings of “fiber people”. It is so much about the sharing of skills, new ideas and inspirations.

We had a lovely group of new felters! on Saturday, and I think they all have  a healthy new addiction. Needlefelting! There was a good variety of projects completed as we explored the sculptural possibilities of unspun wool combined with felting needles. We used merino wool batting and rovings from Maplerose and got creative!

Every student made something beautiful and full of its own character. I always love to see what will take shape!!

Thankyou to all that participated!! To the RDCK for organizing and Slocan Valley Threadsguild for hosting!! See you next time :)

New Creation

Hello Deers! So nice to have you check in…♥

Taking some time out from frolicking with my newly created nesting-love gnomes in the forest…

I am just a wee-one in the land of blogging, and I am exploring the possibilities of these sharings. Just now, I am noticing how this process mirrors  the discoveries I have made recently in the large realms of my creative process in general.

I have so many ideas, all the time! just pouring through me (thank creation for this in Allways!!), and for the past year or so I have experimented in ways to harness this gift, and deal with some of the anxiety that comes with it for me. How can I ever get all of this done? what if I forget about this brilliant idea? where does the energy come from to complete all the tasks I want to complete? and on and on…

Well I have finally been able to hone in on and solidify my present creative process in this way:

1. Trust in All that is, that whatever needs to be on my path in order for me to serve the highest good can only ever be there. And if by chance, or egoic stubbornness I miss it the first time, I trust that it will return again and again until I realize and integrate it into my life purpose. This frees me up and allows me to stay attuned to the Flow.

2. Whatever is most alive for me in this moment, I choose that. If, on a busy day when my to-do list is long with money-making projects or other ‘shoulds’, and all that surfaces in my thoughts is the great desire to sew a little bird out of some inspiring fabric in my scrap stash. Well, if I make the bird I am happy and can smoothly carry on with my list. This keeps me in the Flow. Through this practice I can honor the great gifts that the universe provides me with.

3.Write it all down baby. I have a number of blank books on the go at any given time. This really helps me to let go in my mind, and I love having a well-spring of ideas I can access at any time. And sometimes, when an idea gets away, I just accept it and move on. There is more to come . I love this.

I also use collage as a tool to set intentions in a more right brain style. Here is my latest, 2-sided standing collage. Sooooo satisfying!!

And, as promised, here is the finished New Years day cowl. I love it!!

And i Love yooos! Thanks so much for being here! I also love hearing from you!

♥Until next time♥

Fresh New Year

This is a glimpse of the beginning of this new year for me. It is also my first Blog!! I decided to fill my day with only scrumptious things, as a way to form intentions around what the rest of my year will look and feel like.

So I of course began with pulling out from my yarn stash, the most delectable, colorful and pleasing yarn I could find. Happens to be a ball that I created from scratch, spun and dyed.

and so the lovely day began…

Lots of fresh snow in the Kootenays these days. I am inspired by the way the snow heaps hold so much stillness and peace, and how each water crystal is encoded with this deep stillness and who knows what other mysteries…

This crystal was in my friends window, glinting with the sunrays of day and I must have snapped 20 pictures of it, unable to resist its uniqueness,  devouring the tiny sparkling facets and forms. Little did I know what was awaiting me later in the day!

Crystal Ice Angels! My snowshoeing companion and I were in awe.

An entire Majestic Ice Fortress!!

The ice formations were so similar to the Laska Creek Quartz crystal in the window… so beautiful. So I finished with the explosive sunset knitting project, and started another one… Pictures will follow in next post…

I would love to hear how 2011 is starting off for you.

All the Best of the New Year to You All!!!