I am so Very Grateful for the river of inspiration that flows so abundantly in my life.

I am constantly making things. I follow this ever-stream of inspiration which touches me from the Intelligence of Nature, the input of the senses and the ideas and insight that arise within sparkling moments. This which rises up from the earth and blossoms as flowers and buds, and which swirls and pours from the sky as wind, clouds and water. The inspiration which meets me in my life through the voices of birds and people, the sharing of friends and strangers, the breath that enters me body, and Allways the Mystery.

As I move through my life, I aim to be attentive of the colors, smells, sights. All the bits and boggles of the senses and beyond, that sparkle the moments, and that have a juicy, alive, positive feeling quality for me, often revealing ideas and insights through experience. When I can be mindful and receptive to the spires that pop and grow up around me, the ideas and thoughts which develop into projects and creations, I feel I can serve Spirit through this physical blooming of inspiration, of spirit itself. In doing so, I see the ripples of inspiration spread out from these creations, through mine and others lives, and in this I am Grateful.

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