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Delicious, Just Delicious.

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Bursting from the ends of every greening branch in Nelson, buds are emerging in so many ways. They expand, push, extrude out of their casings, peeling back, fanning open, spreading and accordioning their vibrant pleated wings of leaf which shine like a tear streaked cheek. New, clean, vibrantly alive.

goldenbuds(wisteria buds with an exquisite, dense, gold casing)

The Royalty of Flowers unfurl their tender petals, in perfect geometry and sublime symmetry. Their heady, pleasant-delerium inducing aromas, enliven the senses and evoke feelings of past springs, past openings, with new growth and multi-sensory beauty beyond language, courting the humans who pass by their trees and who have their noses to the air, smelling this wild, wildness of spring.

mapleflowers(brave bundles of mapleflowers, emerging tenderly even before the leaves)

Each day after day, more flowers appear and gift us with step-stopping runaway fragrances, luring us to follow into the clouds of scented moments which surround and cuddle us into an ecstatic, grinning trance.

appleyapplefaery(besparkled apple star-flowers dance their fragrance to life)

So it begins, this springly parade of flower friends, delight to be found around every corner, coming up through cracks in the sidewalks, hidden in alleyways, and with proud displays of the ever present generosity of the flowers’ own noble magnificence.

thegivingviolet(the giving violet, its’ powdery sweet-soft smell dizzying)

voilets three(they nest and huddle close to the earth, but open, shooting to the sky their small beauty)

Sending you these swirls of scented goodness

(full breaths of this perfumed food called air)