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i heart lace

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

It is so crucial to me as an artist and human, to play. I am realizing this more and more. I think I didn’t really play for years. Of course i enjoyed life and had fun, but i am talkin’ bout serious lose-yer-head play here my friends… And boy, is it fun!! For me it is a head/heart-space, the Play Meditation. A letting go of regular thoughts to expand into sensation, free movement and association, to let ideas and impulses flow unhindered, to drop deeply into being with Life, if even just for a moment, or five. To laugh, and breathe, and mmmmmmmm……..

When applying this meditation to my own creative development, and yes, mixing work and play (!), i am finding the results… pleasing.  Without a preconceived idea of what will happen, I dive into the realms of feeling and embody my super-hero self. An important key is to not have expectations or even a plan. It is a fine gift to oneself, to provide time and space to indulge in the freeing of the mind, of the body, of the soul, and embarking apon unknown adventures with no pressure!

After choosing colors and textures most alluring to me in the moment, i hunkered into the melding of fibers and….  the felted outcome was absolutely satisfying.Look what happened!!

It is a simple pleasure indeed, but aren’t these the best in life?


I am discovering the benefits of consciously entering these realms of play. Through setting aside actual time for this necessary indulgence, i am finding so much space and joy in allowing the unknown and unexpected to drift in to my experience. Clay class, writing sessions, dance and out-of-doors explorations are my favorites right now, but i find opening to new experiences seems to be the best way to tap this transformative mind-space.

Things i have done for the first time this week:( i mean for the first time EVER, this week)

1. made an apron(it is candy-striped with crochet lace accents!!)

2. X-country ski sesh on my own (twice!)

3 .offered a free computer to a complete stranger (he offered me free tecky-advice back!)

I would love to hear about your play time and new -doings.

Love Life! Be Well!!

i love valentines

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

This February, I am absolutely not holding back! For my favorite crafting time! Of the year! Valentines!!!! OOOps, didn’t mean to startle you there….  but I am bursting at the seams!! With creations of love I wish to share with you, and perhaps to inspire the uninhibited flow of love that I connect with during this time. I say scrap feb. 14 as Valentines Day. Make February the Month of Love!!!

These guys are also bursting with love. They LOVE yoooo!

There are just so many things about this time that I find just Lovely. Lace. Red Velvet. Pink Hearts!! Cinnamon, chocolate, pretty cards… The list goes on. I wonder how deeply I am imprinted with the yearly dose of chocolate and pink fluffy treats, and those sweetest little valentine cards that were slipped into my elementary-deskside envelope. Even more exciting was the giving of these two sided love notes, and I remember distinctly (and secretly) giving out some special: from your secret admirer xoxoxxxxxx’s

So here are some highlights for you. Creations spilling from my filled-up heart.

This is my latest wallhanging. It’s for sale on etsy!

Love Swans.

Well, I am over the high doses of commercial chocoate and cinnamon hearts. The hangovers are just not worth it. Not to mention the buzzing of head and ringing of ears that seems to accompany the ingestion of processed sugar. In my world, they have been replaced with Life enhancing raw chocolate and other raw delights, all the more tantalizing because of their health supporting goodness. Nothing says love like, treating yourself well!! So many others will benefit from this simple way of being. Love. Stay tuned for some recipes later this month.

I know there are some anti-valentinites out there, and i can understand why. Maybe they will be inspired to trying it out in  a new way. I love to focus on the decadence of loving oneself enough that it spills out onto all those around.

Be well and Love Life!!